Disability for Blindness

If you are legally blind or have low vision, you may qualify for disability benefits under SSI or SSDI.

Social Security has specific measurements for when disability benefits will be granted for vision loss. The requirements for blindness are different than the requirements an individual has to meet when applying for disability benefits for other medical conditions.

For example, if the vision in both eyes, after glasses or contacts are worn, is still worse than 20/200, you will likely qualify for disability. However, if the vision in just one eye is this bad, and the vision in the other eye is just slightly better, you will not likely be approved for disability benefits.

You can qualify for SSI if your vision alone or combined with other health problems prevents you from working. You need not have worked, but your income and resources must be under certain dollar limits.

To qualify for SSDI, you must meet the above mentioned medical criteria, and have worked long enough in a job where you paid Social Security taxes.

For exact disability for blindness requirements, please visit the Social Security Administration’s website.

At Giles Disability Law, we will work with you to file your disability claim for blindness or low vision. We will work with your doctors to build the evidence that Social Security requires.

We have nearly 20 years of work experience in the Utah Social Security system, qualifying us with an in-depth knowledge to handle your case. Contact us for qualified, experienced Social Security Disability representation.